Little things in the everyday life of six different people: a pregnant woman who sets off with her daughter to give birth; her husband, who needs to take her to the maternity ward as soon as possible; a woman who is in conflict with the pregnant woman\’s husband regarding a parking dispute; her lover who wants a serious relationship; and a postman who wants this man\’s signature upon a registered letter. People always meet and their lives are interconnected, regardless of who or what they are.
“Although familiar, felt and seen in Altman, Anderson and elsewhere, Turk nonetheless manages to create a lively and sensitive short film that helps the viewer enjoy at least twenty minutes of his day. In light of this, the film’s entry to the Cannes Film Festival in the section Quinzaine des realisateurs does not come as a surprise.” Ana Ivančič, InDirekt
 “In 2008, Martin Turk’s film Everyday is Not The Same has entered in the Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival. Using a cubist approach founded on simultaneous scenes from a single story, which in the film naturally appear in succession, the director portrays the optical diversity of an unusual human experience. In recent years, Martin Turk established himself as an author with a precise sense for the visual, who is not unfamiliar with the genre-oriented approach but unconventionally uses it to reveal human states of mind, emotional and social relations. As a screenwriter and director, he shapes film stories, events and characters with great sensibility and refinement, introducing to the Slovenian film space a Romanic and Mediterranean air.” Explanation of the GOLDEN GRAIN 2008 award
Best short film award - Zagreb Film Festival 2009
“In the search of truth” Award - Teheran ISFF
40th Cannes International Film Festival - Quinzaine Des Realisateurs/ Director's Fortnight (France), (official selection)
16th Curtas Vila Do Conde (Portugal),(competition)
14th IFF Sarajevo (Bosnia), (competition)
19th IFF Stockholm (Sweden),(competition)
30th Festival Of Mediterranean Film Montpellier (France), (competition)
19th Ljubljana IFF (Slovenia), (competition)
14th Isff Leuven (Belgium),(competition)
11th Festival Of Slovenian Film Portoroz (Slovenia), (competition)
23th Festival Europeen Du Film Curt De European Short Film Festival (France), (official selection)
21th Premiers Plans Angers (France), (official selection)
23th IFF Fribourg (Switzerland), (official selection)
37th Fica Algavre (Portugal),(competition)
18th Aspen Shortfest (USA), competition)
18th IFF Stockholm Junior (Sweden), (official selection)
15th IFF Los Angeles (USA), (competition)
37th IFF Huesca (Spain), (competition)
7th Sugnes De Nuit – Paris (France), (competition)
3th Portello River Ff (Italy), (competition)
12th Expresion En Corto (Mexico), (official Program)
15th San Gio' Video Festival - Verona (Italy), (official selection)
7th Cinefiesta - San Jose (Portorico), (competition)
1st IFF Iasi (Romania), (competition)
25th IFF Warsaw (Poland), (competition)
13th Ismailia International Film Festival Of Documentary & Short Films (Egypt, (competition)
7th Festival Of Mediterranean Short Film Of Tangers (Marocco), (competition)
7th Zagreb Film Festival (Croatia), (competition)
4th Balcan Snapshots Film Festival - Amsterdam (Netherlands), (official selection)
23th Braunschweig International Film Festival (Germany), (official selection)
14th Tehran International Film Festival (Iran), (competition)
15th Encounters Short Film Festival Bristol (UK), (competition)
4th International Short Film Festival Of Athens Psarokokalo (Greece), (tekmovalni Program)
2nd Leiden International Short Film Experience (Netherland) (competition)
3rd Gulf Film Festival - Dubai (United Arab Emirates), (official selection)
11th Maremetraggio Film Festival - Trieste (Italy), (competition)
12th Motovun Film Festival – Motovun (Croatia), (official selection)
Short fiction
Original title: Vsakdan ni vsak dan

Length: 12 min.
Format: 35mm, color
Ratio: 1,85:1
Speed: 25fps
Sound: Dolby Digital
Language: Slovenian
Year Of Production: 2008

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