Robert travels to Italy, where he meets an unusual homeless man. Overwhelmed and confused by the unexpected encounter with that mysterious man, Robert begins to follow him and disappears without a trace. Robert’s disappearance forces his father Janez to call his elder son Matej after years of no communication between them. Despite their unresolved conflicts from the past, Matej decides to help his father and they leave for Italy together. However, since Janez cannot leave his demented wife Irina home alone, Matej’s wife Ana and their daughter Veronica temporarily move in with Irina.
15. Festival Of Slovenian Films Portorož (Slovenia), (competition)
14th Mumbai Film Festival (India), (official selection)
36th Sao Paolo International Film Festival (Brasil), (official selection)
34th Festival Of Mediterranean Film Cinemed, Montpellier (France), (competition)
30th Torino Film Festival (Italy), (official selection)
16th Black Nights Film Festival, Tallin (Estonia), (official selection)
3. Festival Evropskega In Mediteranskega Filma, Piran (Slovenia), (competition)
23rd Cinequest Film Festival, San Jose (USA), (competition)
33rd Fantasporto Film Festival, Oporto (Portugal), (competition)
5th Disappearing Act Film Festival, New York (USA), (official selection)
15th Detectivefest Film Festival, Moskva (Russia), (competition)
8th Seefest, Los Angeles (USA) , (official selection)
11th Kimera Film Festival, Termoli (Italy), (competition)
22nd Innsbruck International Film Festival (Avstria), (official selection)
60. Festival Igranog Filma, Pula (Croatia), (competition)
15es Recontres Des Cinema D'europe, Aubenas (France), (official selection)
6th European Union Film Festival,Peking (China), (official selection)
11th Chennai International Film Festivali, Chennai (India), (official selection)
21 Days Of European Film, Prague (Czech Republic), (official selection)
“The three-part story of a family of divided loyalties, whose protagonists constantly challenge one another only to realize they were looking for a genuine connection, operates on multiple levels and is anything but stereotypical, boring or already seen. Above all, the film is a legitimate representation of curious ideas and a promising filmmaking approach.”
Igor Harb, Vikend

“In style of some of his previous films, Turk again constructs a multi-layered structure tied into a solid whole through well placed interactions, events and gestures between its parts. The whole is thoughtfully presented on the level of photography, which acts as a connecting medium throughout the three stories along with the excellent musical score by Chris Eckman.”
Denis Valič, Pogledi

“Feed me With Your Words continues down the road Turk established in his earlier works, and takes several decisive steps forward in its formal and storytelling ambition.”
Špela Barlič, Ekran

“Overall, the acting is simply superb.”
Uroš Smasek, Večer

“Neither a stirring family saga nor a mystery crime flick, neither an intimate existential story nor a new-age drama, the film is instead all these at once.”
Ženja Leiler, Pogledi

“The film’s biggest strength lies in its technique. There is clear attention to detail demonstrated by the positioning of actors and scenes to create beautiful cinematic images. Throughout the film, there exists a visual parallel between the character pairs of Matej and Janez and Ana and Veronika in which the bodies mirror each other in their placement within scenes, underscoring the characters’ relationships in a visually striking manner…. Audiences of the film will feel a tinge of nostalgia as they relate to the characters and the relationships portrayed on screen.” Emily Pitter
Feature film
Original title: Nahrani me z besedami

Length: 88 min.
Format: 35mm/DCP, color
Ratio: 1,85:1
Speed: 25fps
Sound: 5.1
Language: Slovenian
Year Of Production: 2012

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